First Time Facial - Skin Analysis & Level 1 Facial

First Time Facial - Skin Analysis & Level 1 Facial

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The best of both worlds, combined into one.

A deep skin analysis is a requirement prior to any of the facial levels and is designed to get to know your skin on a deeper level. Understanding what is going on in the skin will provide the ability to design a unique program that aids in restoration, rejuvenation and restoring your skin health while achieving your goals. 

A deep skin analysis can be conducted individually or attach to the beginning of a Level One Facial. A deep skin analysis includes before photos, a customised treatment and an at home skin loving program, with a follow up email on how to use your recommended products efficiently to achieve the best outcomes.

A facial designed to relax the mind and body while providing vital nutrients to address your skin concerns. An enzyme treatment provides anti-inflammatory properties, removes redundant skin cells while smoothing and softening the skin, reducing the appearance of pore size. A customised cream masks that aids in various benefits including the reduction of trans epidermal water loss (Skin dehydration), anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. The cream mask base will nourish the skin cells, and be further customised to suit your needs. Enjoy an amazing facial massage, that then extends onto your décolletage and scalp, while the mask is delivering powerful ingredients straight to your cells. 

A mini analysis will be performed at the beginning of each facial after your initial deep skin analysis.  This mini analysis provides the opportunity to adapt active ingredients as required as you progress with your skin journey. 

You will receive a complimentary Enzyme Facial if you purchase 3 of the prescribed Dermaviduals products following your Skin Analysis.  

Location -

Hair & Beauty Project Building 

Upper Level, 9 Albert Street Wickham 

Newcastle NSW