My Story

I moved to beautiful Newcastle from my hometown in Darwin 5 years ago. I love the Spring and Autumn weather, spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy my daily coffee, visiting the Sunflower Fields in the Hunter Valley and going to the Sunday Farmer Markets. 

I am qualified with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and I hold a National Certificate in Cosmetic Tattoo and Infection Control. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science- Clinical Aesthetics. I have a beautiful two year old son, Dimitri- who already has a self care ritual and could possibly out talk me when it suits him. He loves to massage a Gua Sha stone across his face, enjoying the coolness and copying his Mummy, who loves it too. Unfortunately, he does not have the same love for me applying his daily sunscreen dose or brushing his teeth. 

I have always had a love of eyebrows, amazed at the way they shape and highlight facial features. I am very particular with the way that my eyebrows are shaped, and struggled to find someone to do them the way I liked. I always found myself going home and changing something so that they were exactly the way I wanted. I want to work with you to achieve the exact brows that you want, so that you don't have to go home and change anything. I chose to study Cosmetic Tattooing to specifically learn more in depth about eyebrow shaping and found a new love. I love to tattoo eyeliner and lips as well as provide semi-permanent eyebrow shapes. I think the definition that is provided to eyes and lips in a Cosmetic Tattoo is unbelievable, and absolutely adore the confidence that it provides.  

I have a history of skin problems myself- particularly acne, and dry skin. Experiencing these skin problems lowered my self esteem, and I felt the need to constantly cover my face to feel confident. I had various skin treatments that were unsuccessful and this pushed me to delve further into skin anatomy study.  

I understand how detrimental skin problems can be to a self esteem. Having a personal understanding of how this can affect you, drives me to support you on your healing journey. It has taken me a long time to feel confident in my own skin without makeup. My aim is to give you the confidence in feeling good in your own skin and having the ability to have a choice in whether you want to wear makeup or not. 

I have chosen to align myself with Dermaviduals- a bespoke dermatological skin care range that truly cares for the skin. Dermaviduals imitates the natural structure of the skin and assists in penetration of pure active ingredients in conjunction with their unique delivery system. I absolutely adore the fact that every single product can be customised to suit your individual skin needs, concerns, restrictions in both professional treatments and at home skin love. At home skin love can be as in depth or simplified as you like- as a busy Mum this suits me perfectly. You can target multiple skin concerns at once and not feel like you have a cabinet of unused products (I was guilty of this tremendously). Dermaviduals skincare has changed my life for the better, and I look forward to it changings yours.  

I look forward to meeting and treating you, learning about you and going on this journey together.